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Uncover Hidden
Gems of Tijuana with
Art Enthusiasts 


Welcome to Tijuana!

We are committed in making your visit to our city (Tijuana) as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, creating synergy between both cities and beyond. We curate and coordinate special visits to museums, galleries, art showrooms as well as artist's studios where you will be personally welcomed by owners, directors and artists, taking our visitors through the diversity of our cultural manifestations. On this tour we will explore an array of enriching activities including unique hidden gems that Tijuana has to offer.

It is our goal to connect people with our city through the arts and culture and collaborate with binational projects like the upcoming Tijuana and San Diego WDC 2024 celebration.


The tours are no more than 8–10 people, so they can be a personalized experience to sense creativity, hosted and guided by art leaders from the region.


Our VIP Cultural Tour is different from all the rest because Ligia And Berenice were both born in Tijuana and have been involved in the art scene for more than 25 years, with experience in Arts and artist collaboration, graphic design, project management and more.

Honorary Members:

Arq. Armando García Orso: Advisor of Art Scene Baja, Curatorial and Education Manager of Visions Museum of Textile Art in San Diego. Daniel Dennart, Curator, Arts program, Marketing, Arts and Air Service Development of San Diego airport. Aida Valencia: a well-known international artist with recognition of organizing international festivals like the Mosaic Symposium with 15 countries. Dany de Leon As, (Posición) at the Municipal Institute of Arts and Culture (IMAC), she is in charge of binational issues and is also a committee member of the World Design Capital. Gabriela Escobedo: Event Planner, with years of experience in the area of education in San Diego, which is also very involved with the arts and theater in the community.